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Lima Soap is artisan soap. Each batch is made from vegetable oils, cosmetic quality pigments, essential and fragrance oils. Each ingredient has a purpose, no fillers.

We have three basic types of bar soap:

All Natural:  No added color or fragrance. Pure and gentle on the skin.

Fragrance and pigments added: Essential oils like lavender and peppermint are all natural while some of the fragrance oils are not all natural, but smell great. The colored pigments are cosmetic quality to make attractive bars of soap.

Glycerin base: Glycerin soap is clear. It is also known as Melt & Pour. It works great in molds. We use the same fragrances and colors in these bars as the lye base bars.


Ordering is easy.

  1.  Method 1: Go to the appropriate soap on the appropriate page above, click the green ADD TO CART button. On each page, you will see your items under the “Shopping Cart” section. When done, you will check out on the secured PayPal page.
  2.  Method 2: Click http://list.limasoap.com and send an email to info@limasoap.com with the description and quantity.  I will send you an invoice that you can pay by credit card.

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